First accepted pull request to package (excluding tests). Woot!

"we’ve been behind several R initiatives, including the RHadoop project"

Revolution Analytics: the R company since 2007

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Top 10 Tweets Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up an R - #Hadoop System #rstats

7th China R conference

Big Data Analysis With RHadoop

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"shivaram merged commit bfe7e26 into amplab-extras:master from RevolutionAnalytics:vectorize-examples an hour ago"

Vectorize examples by piccolbo · Pull Request #36 · amplab-extras/SparkR-pkg

Clustering algorithm based on mapreduce equivalent. Mapreduce is not only for clusters! Authored and communicated by Emilio Torres Manzanera.

Entered lapply(fs, debug). Abstraction galore.

"The special feature about plyrmr is that it relies on Hadoop mapreduce to perform its operations but it hides many of its related intricacies"

March BARUG Meetup | Gaston Sanchez