Dynamic vs static typing in real life

  • Excellent R developer: ... got stuck trying to figure out why vector_class() doesn't compile.
  • Excellent C++ developer: TYPEOF(subset) will only be known at runtime, so can't be in <>.

"For a long time I have thought I was a statistician" JW Tukey in "The future of data analysis”.

First accepted pull request to package (excluding tests). Woot!

"we’ve been behind several R initiatives, including the RHadoop project"

Revolution Analytics: the R company since 2007

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Top 10 Tweets Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up an R - #Hadoop System #rstats buff.ly/1tuz9b8

7th China R conference

Big Data Analysis With RHadoop

Saved my day

"shivaram merged commit bfe7e26 into amplab-extras:master from RevolutionAnalytics:vectorize-examples an hour ago"

Vectorize examples by piccolbo · Pull Request #36 · amplab-extras/SparkR-pkg